3 Top Performance & Entrepreneurial Articles Week February 16 2015

Each week I read a number of peak performance and entrepreneurial articles from various online resources. Here are my top three picks this week. I have added my comment about each article and would like to hear what you think too.


Instilling Pride: The Primary Motivator of Peak Performance

By: Jon Katzenbach

For an organization that seeks to lead in the 21st century, pride is a form of investment currency that is growing in importance. The challenge is to capture its value, deploy its power, and multiply its benefits throughout the organization.  Read More

My Comment: Enable workplace success (get them excited)

How To Create The Mental State That Leads To Peak Performance?

By: Max Nisen


Personally and professionally, we often hope for moments of peak performance, periods of time when we’re incredibly productive, effective, and produce the best possible work. Read More

My Comment: Excellent article about accessing your zone to perform admirably.

30 Innovative Products You Did Not Know Exist But Are Too Awesome To Miss

By: Admin


In recent times we have come across some really innovative and cool products. These gadgets are a perfect novelty to own and sometimes needed to solve a dire problem. These can also be a good gift and will speak of your love for innovation and creativity when the lucky receiver of the gift sees them. We have tried to add sources where you can purchase these products. Let us know your favourite innovative product in the comments below.  Read More

My Comment: What’s next?

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